Friday, August 04, 2006

Bagladesh Lost The Series


Bangladesh!! Aro beshi kore baddo baajao!! Favorite shajte gesila??? Eibar bojho kemon lage!
I have a very cracked heart now. Can't say more...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bangladesh zimbabwe series

Oh Sheet! Wat happended yesterday??
I can't believe yet. How a team can get deafeated from such position?? i didn't thought even that Bangladesh will get deafeated untill the last ball. One ball five runs and that was given away! is it real? did it ever happenned b4 in ODI histrory! Oh no

I passed a hard night yesterday. I can't still believe we lost. I passed such a situation only once b4 , that was three year ago when bangladesh lost against canada. But that wasn't whatemore's team. This team indeed has the power to defeat the no one team (Aus). And they also have shown that! But they got defeated againsts the poor zimbawean team? in such a match? i can't belive!

However the credit of winnig this match should go to Masharafi much more than Tailor. Tailor just drived his bat and Mashrafi did the rest. shem! mashrafi!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Net Speed! :(

Ajke net speed eto slow.........mejaj akabare bigray gese

Monday, July 24, 2006

Robot Chatter

 I found a robot chat in this site lol it says it is god haha


Hay Jidan!!

Hay Jidan!
Boro asha kore gotokal tomar dol support korsilam, ar tar ei protidan?? jiboner shesh khelay emon akta kaj kore boshla je nijer carrier-e akta onek boro kali lege gelo.

Dhut, Kalke khela sheshe majajta bigray gese!!

(I wrote it in my Multiply Blog Site on 10 july )


 Kemon jeno bekar bekar vab dhorse amake. fau boishe asi der mash dhore aro kompokhkhe der mash. uhhhh vishon biroktikor.

Friday, July 14, 2006

RSS Feeder

Rss feeder ta kisutei complete korte partesi na. eivabe cholle ar kaj shesh korte hobe na. pura jinishta kaj kortesilo, final layout complete kore dekhi haramjada khali lafay. Abar notun kore korte hobe.........